How to help the needy people?
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Every person does have a kind heart, but he does not know about the kindness that he can show to others unless he experiences a chance.  Being a teenager you must want to serve poor people when you observe their miserable conditions. Consequently you want to help them, but due to your own constraint circumstances like dependence upon parents and less financial resources, it is very difficult to manage.  To do social work like helping others you do not need much money rather there is need of dedication to help needy persons.  Not to worry there are many ways to help poor and needy people in which a lot of expenditures is not required but a kind heart is necessary for it.


The first and very important step is to create awareness among your peer group. Do motivate your friends and relatives for this noble act. Make them realize the significance of basic necessities that how much these are important for anyone’s life. Creating a soft corner in others heart is a great job. It is like chain process in which everyone would motivate one another. So it is possible that at least forty to fifty percent of your related people will help needy people.


It is understood that your parents give you a little amount of pocket money. When the desire to serve poor is created in one’s heart he automatically will act upon this noble purpose. That means you will fix an amount from your pocket money to give a needy person. It is not mandatory that you daily give a certain amount. It could be different every day, sometimes less or sometimes more. Do not bind yourself otherwise it creates difficulties for yourself own.


Another important task is to search a deserving person of your alms or support fund. For that purpose you must look around your residence or you can also visit your nearest town where you are sure that poor and deserving people are living. Locating a true and deserving people is very essential because many a people are disguising for taking grants and sympathies of others. No matters if you are helping an undeserved person, because your intentions are sincere and so you will get reward of it.


Poverty is getting a most serious problem everywhere. A single person or government alone cannot eradicate it. Depositing money in yearly support funds and making donations to charitable organizations can help reducing poverty. There are a lot of charitable organizations are available in all cities. If you do not trust a person go and visit those organizations you will see the sincerity in their work. When you are motivated for giving donation, deposit it on monthly or yearly basis. Do not be ashamed of paying small money because it involves you intention not your status.


It is quite easy to share this information through internet, in your blog, forum or any website. Insist your father to pay mandatory donated funds yearly. You will surely be happy after serving poor.


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